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'Walking the Old Paths in the Twenty-First Century'

Who Are We?

The Rock Hill congregation began in 2001 and has been blessed since our inception. We are a group of Christians dedicated to serving God and our fellow man as we have opportunity. Within this website you will discover many things about us and we invite you to kindly do so. Our prayer and our hope is that you will visit us soon and share the joy we have in serving Him.

Why Are We?

Our purpose is to serve God and humanity as He gives us opportunity with joy and thanksgiving. Galatians 6:10 says that “we are to do good to all men, especially those of the household faith” and Romans 6:22 tells us that when we are freed from sin (in obedience to the gospel) we become the servants of God. Explore within this website the many ways we seek to accomplish this goal of service.

Where Are We?

The Rock Hill congregation of the Lord's Church meets at 9426 Rock Hill Road in Frisco, Texas. Rock Hill Road is 1 mile south of US 380 between Preston and Custer Roads.